sound healing

The vibrating frequencies and the warm sounds will ensure a deep healing relaxation. The bowls come all the way from Nepal where I have been traveling and made a very beautiful trip. They are handmade and each has a unique story.


What can you expect from this Sound Healing?
Deep relaxation, Dreams, Insights, Release of emotions, More connected to your body and heart, Improvement in Muscle aches, Clearing of Energy blockages, Balancing Chakras, Destress, Being present.


During this beautiful sound journey, I am here for you! For your questions, for support, advice or just to listen. My beautiful place is quiet and cozy, and I will make sure you will feel at home and safe.


We are energy and we are exposed to many frequencies on a daily base. Your own energy, energy from others, energy from your environment, but also energy from the whole universe. By going deep into meditation you learn to connect closer with yourself and make a distinction in these energies. You will also notice improvements in your body, thoughts, and soul.


Tarot readings are very helpful get clarity in your soul mission, your personality, or in any topics you would love to know more about.

Do you have specific questions? Do you want to get clarity about something? I will help you by tuning into your energy, and energies you are surrounded by.


More joy, a warmer heart, and more confidence. How do you ensure yourself listening to your intuition? How are you going to end cycles and habbits? How do you let go? How can you be your authentic self? How do you become happy? And many more questions we ask ourselves throughout the day.  Through my spiritual experiences and my profession, you will be able to get answers to these questions. I will give you space, guidance, and anything you need to feel safe by making these steps to a bigger awareness.